How is your heart?

I recently heard this question being asked and I’m not sure why, but it stuck with me. I have never heard it before. To me, it sounds like the most thoughtful question I have ever heard. It’s not just, “How are you?” or “How is everything?” or “How are you doing?”

But, how is your heart? It means so much more. It’s a question that asks if you are rejoicing or hurting? Are you feeling loved or broken-hearted? I may be looking into this more than it actually means but I am glad that I am.

At this time in my world, everyone just seems so busy including myself. Busy with work, school, kids, just LIFE. It seems that everyone has more and more things to do with less time for relaxation, leisure, for reflection, to just… be. Even when it’s time to sit and relax, a million things are still going through my head of what I need to do next. I wish that we could all take a moment and not see life as so “busy.” Yes, it may be. But we need to take the time to reflect on our own existence. I may be getting weird right now lol but have you ever just thought about how you are a human being? A living life on this planet? You are absolutely beautiful and your existence in this world is amazing within itself. Somehow we need a different model of organizing our lives, our societies, our communities to have us really believe this with no doubt in our minds.

How is my heart? My heart and soul is happy. Am I at peace with my struggles? I am not, but my heart is in the right place.

I recently asked my 6 year old son this question curious to see what he would say.

“Lawrence, how is your heart?”

“What do you mean, how am I doing?”

“Yes, but how is your heart doing?”

He puts his hand on his chest and said, “It’s beating. My heart is doing great!”

That’s a start 🙂

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Luke 6:45